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I am your new lifestyle Christian BFF who will help you with singleness, faith and everything in between.

I am a Christian content creator. A little bit about me, I resell clothing on Poshmark as a side hustle for the last few years. I love to decorate my home with budget-friendly farmhouse decor that I find on Amazon or at the thrift store. Seasonal decorating is always a must with me, especially since Christmas is my favorite time.

As a Christian, I try to incorporate my values and faith into my life. I’ll be sharing faith-based products (ex, bible highlighters), inspiration, and mental health encouragement as well as random everyday bits. My goal is to help you live life more fully while staying true to your values and on a budget! Grab a donut and stay awhile!

Don’t forget…you are a vibe!

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sharing my testimony

For the longest time, I never wanted to share my testimony and relive the memories of how I got to where I am today as an adult and in my faith journey. With prayer, conviction, healing and therapy, I would like to share a chapter of my story with you.

Navigating Singleness in the Christian Walk...

Throughout my school years, I attended a Catholic school, church mass occasionally, especially during Christmas and Easter. Growing up, I was a very shy child and constantly bullied in school for how I looked. My hair. My weight. My skin tone. My crooked teeth, it was always something and I put way too much value in what others thought of me, and their opinion on how I looked. As a kid, I had no idea how being treated this way would affect me as an adult. By the time I finished high school, I developed an eating disorder, depression, anxiety and body dysmorphia.

I experienced a freedom I never had before when I was at college. From drinking, to hanging out at clubs and engaging in inappropriate behavior, I was getting attention I never got before from men. They bought me drinks and complimented my appearance. I started to notice if I wore certain clothes or did certain things, they would treat me a certain way, some good, some bad. Eventually, I associated my worth and value in what a man thought of me and not what I thought of myself.

I was constantly seeking the approval of men, and I did things I wasn’t proud of. I was so far away from who God created me to be, and I didn’t even realize it. Every long-term relationship I was in, I was either the other woman, cheated on or devalued in some way by men who said they loved me.

When I was in my mid-twenties, I met a man who was the epitome of all of my childhood celebrity crushes. Everything about him was perfect. We were together for over three years and he was the person I thought I would marry. I finally found my knight and shining armor who would love me and I was going to live happily ever after, but something was missing. Have you ever experienced a feeling of loss or a void feeling?

One day, a coworker shared their relationship with God to me and gave me their Bible. Out of curiosity, I started reading scripture for the first time differently. I wasn’t reading a book for school but reading a love letter from my Creator. That was it…the something that I was missing. I began attending church regularly, reading my Bible and praying but I was also changing.

Remember that picture-perfect relationship that I was in? Well, my boyfriend, almost fiance at the time, did not believe in God and wanted nothing to do with it which was his choice and I respected it. The more I changed, the more I fell in love with God and wanted His will for my life but the more my partner fell out of love with me.

“Can’t we go out drinking? Why don’t you do “fill in the blank” anymore? This whole Bible thing, is a turn-off, you are a turn-off.” I thought if I prayed hard enough, God would change him but it doesn’t work that way. I had to make a choice. A choice to follow and surrender my life to God or choose a picture-perfect fairy tale I always dreamed of. I was living half for myself and half for God and God wants all of you.

As I write this, I remember the night I prayed and surrendered my life to God. I had no clue what life would be like but all I knew in that moment was that I wanted God and that one prayer changed everything. A week later, my relationship ended, my life changed and I was on a different journey with the true love of my life.

There are more chapters to my story that I will share in future posts but for now, thank you for reading the beginning of a love story that will have its ups and downs, but He loves me so.

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